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Submit 3-5 poems, 1 short fiction or up to 3 flash fiction pieces.  SASE required for reply.  Cover letter preferred, although we’re not interested in a list of your awards, accomplishments, interests, amount of times you’ve been laid, etc and etc.  A few places you’ve been published, if anywhere, and an indication of who we’re dealing with is nice.

We suggest you sample once issue #1 is out, however sampling or subscribing does not guarantee acceptance.   Receiving a mass email originating from an editor or forwarded from a friend calling for submissions does not guarantee acceptance.  Great poems or stories that give us a kick in the pants helps chance at acceptance – however great your bio, the work speaks for itself.  Good luck trying to impress a fairly well-established but cranky middleaged poet and two God-complexed jackasses from northern Indiana.  References to Bobby Knight in your work do not guarantee acceptance.

Send work to:
Platonic 3way Press
P.O. Box 844
Warsaw, IN 46581

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